Louisville, Kentucky, United States
I am a cadence caller for Believers – Ret.Army Sergeant First Class Louisville, Kentucky, United States Born in 1961 in Miami Florida my mother raise me. She feared I My Photowould end up in jail or dead before my eighteenth birthday, so in 1978 she made a choice to sign me over to the U. S. Army to help me become a man. Prior to joining the army, I developed some distrust concerning people, religions and races. The Army retrained me and built up my confidence. I realized that I needed to trust my fellow soldiers. I would come to depend on them for survival. My success would come from a numerous missions that we accomplish together. Our trust, respect and confidence had nothing to do with races, religion or life styles. Then I retired and return to the civilian living, I learned quickly nothing had changed about civilian living. American people were as divided as before, if not more. During one of my morning runs, I prayed and asked God for wisdom and understanding. I recall, 1978 my Drill Sergeant he would say soldier! “Uncle Sam ain’t released you yet.” I felt spiritually inspired. I am to become a cadence caller to remind witness and reveal confidence to all believers.

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