Louisville, Kentucky, United States
I am a cadence caller for Believers – Ret.Army Sergeant First Class Louisville, Kentucky, United States Born in 1961 in Miami Florida my mother raise me. She feared I My Photowould end up in jail or dead before my eighteenth birthday, so in 1978 she made a choice to sign me over to the U. S. Army to help me become a man. Prior to joining the army, I developed some distrust concerning people, religions and races. The Army retrained me and built up my confidence. I realized that I needed to trust my fellow soldiers. I would come to depend on them for survival. My success would come from a numerous missions that we accomplish together. Our trust, respect and confidence had nothing to do with races, religion or life styles. Then I retired and return to the civilian living, I learned quickly nothing had changed about civilian living. American people were as divided as before, if not more. During one of my morning runs, I prayed and asked God for wisdom and understanding. I recall, 1978 my Drill Sergeant he would say soldier! “Uncle Sam ain’t released you yet.” I felt spiritually inspired. I am to become a cadence caller to remind witness and reveal confidence to all believers.

1. To be confident that nothing can distract my peace of mind from God.

2. To speak confidence, unity, belief and faith to every person I meet.

3. To go, as I am commissioned, to reassure all people that there is a purpose for their life.

4. To look at the hopeful side of everything and make my belief come true.

5. To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best.

6. To be just as enthusiastic about the hope for others as I am for my self.

7. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievement of the future.

8. To represent the spiritual fruits of confidences at all times and give a smile to every living creature I meet.

9. To give so much time to the improvement of myself that I have no time to criticize others.

10. I am too confident and knowledgeable to worry, be anger or doubt. I am too mature in God to permit the presence of fear to steal my faith.


The Professional Believer (Soldier) – is God’s Army of selected men and women, confident, gifted and talented over-comer’s. A knowledge and understanding about their own beginnings and the “nine fruits of the spirit”. Make life living choices they stand by, they seek and is lead by the spirit. Have a mature knowledge and understanding of their spiritual authority.

God’s Army of selected Men and Women. Keep It Spiritually Simple-Witnessing, Reminding and Revealing the Provisions and Methods of Love.

Believers are to witness, remind and reveal to anyone, anywhere and anytime concerning the methods and provisions of God’s love for all of mankind.

Be a confident soldier “…we have already attained, let us walk by he same rule, let us mind the same thing” Philippians 3:16  


If anyone are asked why you wear the unity emblem:

1- You are to say with confidence “God ain’t released me yet or You” { G A R M Y } then,

2- Share your own “simple confident” (child-like) understanding and knowledge of the Gospel and God’s plan of Love, Peace, Protection and Salvation.

3-You are to share your own confidence that CHRIST told us: I AM EMMANUEL- God is with us – I Am The Way – I Am always with you to help you to Grow, to Protect you, to Guide you, to Reward you and to Give you the ultimate gift of Salvation.

A note: Life is full of Choices, however you only have one life to live.

We call this Life Living Choices. Choose God, so to understand why you should remind witness and reveal to someone. Why wear a Professional Believers-Plus product and be a revealer around the world sharing your faith.

If you and I believe, we are one then Witness with confidence wearing our apparel and gift products spreading the message of Unity, Life & Love around the world.

Enjoy life and be confident!

Become a soldier  of confidence. A Professional Believer.

If you believe, we want to recurit you as a indivual believer. Get your “Believer’s Wear” purchase your wear to remind witness and reveal your confidence.


1* Do Nothing (maintain your current choices)

2* Learn how to become more confident about God, your beginnings and life living choices

3* Refer your friends and family who is seeking more confidence about God, their beginnings and life living choices  .

4* Refer anyone to get personal understanding about their position with God. To learn about the standards of believers (SOB) and seek to know their own faith-bibiical choice salvation enlistment into God’s Army.

5* Lastly, but not all the least, should you want be Saved, ask Professional Believers – Plus to help you understand God’s plan for your life.

Email us ibelieve@garmy.com


Our Mission

We are Professional Believers (Soldiers) Plus in Christianity and Judaism.

Judeo-Christian (or Judaeo-Christian, sometimes written as Judæo-Christian) is a term used to describe the body of concepts and values which are thought to be held in common by Judaism andChristianity, and typically considered (sometimes along withclassical Greco-Roman civilization) a fundamental basis forWestern legal codes and moral values.

Remember: “if you and I believe, we are one.”

The mission of Professional Believers – Plus, which is GOD’S purpose for all is: THERFORE, GO FORTH AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS.” SHARE THE GOSPEL-THE GOOD NEWS OF GOD’S PLANS OF SALVATION WITH EVERYONE”. Matthew 28:19-20

“Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible.” 1Cor 9:19



Philippians 1 : 6, 3 : 15-16

Our marketing concept G A R M Y God ain’t released me yet (or you) – Professional Believers Plus

As soldier’s in God’s Army (GARMY) , we are commission to remind witness and reveal the methods and provisions of our Creator.

**Keep it spiritually simple marketing

Our goal is to brand our concepts in the heart, mind, and spirit of our consumers.

We are not to replace any worship facilities (churches) or become a new fellowship body of Christ. We are not a new-style religion or a new on-line community fellowship center.

Our business faith-base socail commitment: To remind, witness, and reveal to the 2.1 billion in the world in God’s Army. To share our belief in God to the non-believers, in whatever state of mind they may be in, as we unify all God-created beings.


MeShorn says…

MeShorn says…

The revealing answers are very simple. If you apply spiritual self-control…, and maintain a child-like understanding to get knowledge. If you study the bible seeking the truth, keep it spiritually simple(**K.I.S.S.). Believers can individually become reborn, to the revealing in a simplistic way. You will discover as I did, “we are separated and divided because we have over intellectually(complicated) as human-beings with choices our beginnings from our Creator”.

In the beginning of time the Creator, has always presented a plan to restore man/woman to God. To unify us all as one. But, God has given us (man & woman) the individual choice to decide for ourselves to repent, forgive and love our brother’s / sister’s as God has love us.
We are young soldier’s in God’s Army, we need to be reminded, witnessed and revealed to again and again, through an intense life living choice of spiritual basic training to help unify our beliefs and to become the lights of to the world as Believers of Christ our Savior!

“we are separated and divided because we have over intellectually as human-beings with choices complicated our beginnings from our Creator”

Christ has said, we all must be re-born in the spirit. The spirit (It) will reveal what is right and the truth. Believers will worship God in spirit and in truth.
Live your life confident, of the knowledge and understanding you have come to know for yourself.



1. The Uniform Codes of God’s Judgment (The Chain of Command)

2. GQC&S – The Spiritual Fruits

3. G A R M Y – God Anit Released Me Yet or You

4. Know Your Beginnings – “In the beginnings…”

5. J O Y – Do you really understand?

6. F A I T H – Always near

7. H O P E – Be a witness

8. L O V E – You can do all things…

9. F O O L – Be one for God

10. Life Living Choice – The freedom of free will

11. W O R K – Get understanding & knowledge

12. Get on the Cross – Are you on the left or right?