Like putting your hand in front of your face.

The Kingdom of God is at Hand…

We as human’s or culture of humans want to or seek to dominate or rule over each other other than seek to common in being Your Brother’s Keeper!

I am a very strong believer that MLK was the Moses in the 20th century…but, just like biblical leadership the People miss and misunderstand the intent and purpose by inspired and spiritual determination given by a Creator not by Men!

All Men Life Living Day’s on Earth Are Tied into Each Other…to Think or Believed and Practice Other Wise is Foolish and the Influencer and author of this World is Confusion!

I will not allow myself to be separate or deceived by Man ‘s constant pursuit and aim for Intellectual Superiority, Control, Power and Wealth… All are Elements and Ideology that Keep Us at War, Battling and Separated…

My identity and reason I Live Comes from a God, who Began My Culture Beginnings so that I, We and Us ALL would Overcome so that we Give, Love and Honor Our God, Man or Ourselves!

It Begin’s with Man, who is a Believer

No woman can Define, Create or Restore a Man to His Position and Place in this World like when He received Understanding , Knowledge and Authority from the Creator!