• About the Founder- (Soldier)

    Me’Shorn Tyrone Daniels Born as a descendants of American slaves (DAS). He is a retired Army-Sgt trained surgical technologist of twenty-one years. Me’Shorn's mother entered him into the army at [...]
  • The Unity Wrist Band

    Professional Believers - Plus G A R M Y is to remind witness and reveal to the 2.1 billion believers The Unity Wrist-Band - God Ain't Released Me Yet or You - $1.99 Glow in the dark [...]
  • Supporting Scripture

    Professional Believers (Soldier) - Plus G A R MY  supporting scripture: "Whatever you do, apply w o r k {wisdom, opportunity, respect and knowledge} at it with all your heart, as working for [...]
  • The Unity Emblem

    The "G" on purple background- The "G" GOD  -  In the beginning, God created everything. A faith and belief in a God. The purple color represent the Spirit of God's Kingdom. The "Staff" -The [...]
  • God Ain’t Released Me Yet (GARMY)

    Professional Believers – Plus, God Ain’t Released Me Yet (GARMY) The Professional Believer (Soldier) – is God’s Army of selected men and women. They areconfident, gifted and talented [...]