• I Am A Cadence Caller Believer

    Retired US Army Sergeant First Class MeShorn-Military-Daniels Louisville, Kentucky, United StatesI am a cadence caller for Believers - Ret.Army Sergeant First Class Louisville, Kentucky, [...]
  • The Professional Soldier Ten

    1. To be confident that nothing can distract my peace of mind from God. 2. To speak confidence, unity, belief and faith to every person I meet. 3. To go, as I am commissioned, to reassure [...]
  • The Professional Believer

    The Professional Believer (Soldier) - is God's Army of selected men and women, confident, gifted and talented over-comer's. A knowledge and understanding about their own beginnings and the "nine [...]
  • If anyone are asked why you wear the unity emblem

    If anyone are asked why you wear the unity emblem: 1- You are to say with confidence "God ain't released me yet or You" { G A R M Y } then, 2- Share your own "simple confident" (child-like) [...]
  • Life is full of Choices

    A note: Life is full of Choices, however you only have one life to live. We call this Life Living Choices. Choose God, so to understand why you should remind witness and reveal to someone. [...]
  • We see FIVE ways for you to remind witness reveal to be involved

    1* Do Nothing (maintain your current choices) 2* Learn how to become more confident about God, your beginnings and life living choices 3* Refer your friends and family who is seeking more [...]
  • Our Mission

    We are Professional Believers (Soldiers) Plus in Christianity and Judaism. Judeo-Christian (or Judaeo-Christian, sometimes written as Judæo-Christian) is a term used to describe the body of [...]
  • Our Marketing Concept

    Philippians 1 : 6, 3 : 15-16 Our marketing concept G A R M Y God ain't released me yet (or you) - Professional Believers Plus As soldier's in God's Army (GARMY) , we are commission to [...]
  • MeShorn says…

    MeShorn says... The revealing answers are very simple. If you apply spiritual self-control..., and maintain a child-like understanding to get knowledge. If you study the bible seeking the truth, [...]
  • Twelve Messages  – The Founder’s life living choices stories

    1. The Uniform Codes of God's Judgment (The Chain of Command) 2. GQC&S - The Spiritual Fruits 3. G A R M Y - God Anit Released Me Yet or You 4. Know Your Beginnings - "In the [...]