Philippians 1 : 6, 3 : 15-16

Our marketing concept G A R M Y God ain’t released me yet (or you) – Professional Believers Plus

As soldier’s in God’s Army (GARMY) , we are commission to remind witness and reveal the methods and provisions of our Creator.

**Keep it spiritually simple marketing

Our goal is to brand our concepts in the heart, mind, and spirit of our consumers.

We are not to replace any worship facilities (churches) or become a new fellowship body of Christ. We are not a new-style religion or a new on-line community fellowship center.

Our business faith-base socail commitment: To remind, witness, and reveal to the 2.1 billion in the world in God’s Army. To share our belief in God to the non-believers, in whatever state of mind they may be in, as we unify all God-created beings.


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