MeShorn says…

MeShorn says…

The revealing answers are very simple. If you apply spiritual self-control…, and maintain a child-like understanding to get knowledge. If you study the bible seeking the truth, keep it spiritually simple(**K.I.S.S.). Believers can individually become reborn, to the revealing in a simplistic way. You will discover as I did, “we are separated and divided because we have over intellectually(complicated) as human-beings with choices our beginnings from our Creator”.

In the beginning of time the Creator, has always presented a plan to restore man/woman to God. To unify us all as one. But, God has given us (man & woman) the individual choice to decide for ourselves to repent, forgive and love our brother’s / sister’s as God has love us.
We are young soldier’s in God’s Army, we need to be reminded, witnessed and revealed to again and again, through an intense life living choice of spiritual basic training to help unify our beliefs and to become the lights of to the world as Believers of Christ our Savior!

“we are separated and divided because we have over intellectually as human-beings with choices complicated our beginnings from our Creator”

Christ has said, we all must be re-born in the spirit. The spirit (It) will reveal what is right and the truth. Believers will worship God in spirit and in truth.
Live your life confident, of the knowledge and understanding you have come to know for yourself.



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