Me’Shorn Tyrone Daniels

Born as a descendants of American slaves (DAS). He is a retired Army-Sgt trained surgical technologist of twenty-one years. Me’Shorn’s mother entered him into the army at the age of seventeen from his hometown of Miami, Florida. His mother who decided that the United States Army, would become her son best  life living choice (LLC) avenue to development towards a young-male becoming a man.

Born January 6, 1961, the boomer’s in the middle group (1954 to 1964 – age 46 to 56) he is the youngest of the baby-boomers generation . MeShorn is the oldest of three children. Growing up in Miami Fla, Me’Shorn had no strong religious preferences beliefs,  he had a distorted understanding about his racial identity, he had issues of shyness and a basic lack of self confidence, negative feelings about life’s opportunities which trigger some emotional anger. Their was no strong positive male role models of influences in his life. In 1979, his arrival for army basic training at Fort Jackson South Carolina, Me’Shorn 5’10 weighed less than one hundred pounds. MeShorn however, quickly received some new life style living choices (LSLC) from his military basic training. Me’Shorn was intoduce to “Special Recipient of a Blanket-Party” during his second week of basic training from his peers because of his failure to understand the code of  “teamwork and leadership” which caused his entire unit to received extra-duty drills in the extremely hot South Carolinian summer for three days by the Drill Sergeant. However, MeShorn knew, there was no going home. He quickly learned to overcome, adapt and peservere. More importantly, he learned how to gained the trust, respect, and confidence of the other young male cadets of various races, backgrounds, religious beliefs and origins around the United States. Like himself, they came to the army with a story-book of personal issues / reasons for enlisting in the United States Army.

Me’Shorn graduated from basic training in 1979 and began his travels in the army as a career soldier. He was stationed at several army bases in the United States, including, Fort Campbell, KY; West Point, NY; Fort Sam Houston, TX (where he obtained surgical technologist training); Fort Hood, TX; Fort Ord, CA; Camp Shelby, MS; Fort Gordon, GA; and overseas in Nuremberg, West Germany. Me’Shorn received an Army Accommodation Award, presented to him by a General, for his 4 ½ year tour at the 98th General Hospital in West Germany, wherein he was the first to respond to the operating room after a mass casualty incident due to a misfired field tank exercise. Over one hundred soldiers were wounded and he was on duty at the hospital that received most of the injured soldiers. During that incident, Sergeant Me’Shorn Daniels organized, prepared, and directed the surgical personnel as they arrived on duty; provided correct medical history of the injured soldiers; prepared surgical operating procedures; and set-up the operating teams. Because of situations like the mass casualty incident in West Germany, Me’Shorn has developed into a confident and natural leader.

During his career in the United States Army, he accomplished all of his non-commissioned basic, primary, and advanced military leadership courses and became an Army Instructor at Fort Knox, Ky retiring as a Sgt. First Class / E-7 a senior ennlisted soldier. Since his departure, Me’Shorn has completed many life-fulfilling professional accomplishments, including: reaching the position of Regional Manager as a insurance investment agent.An independent agent sale manager, obtaining his insurance and investment securities license, and a ten year tenure with an investment company selling and managing insurance accounts ranging from millions of dollars insurance accounts and investments, plus along with his developed size of downline of trained agents.

After relocating to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Me’Shorn Daniels became a confident and fervent believer in God as the CEO of his life. He has utilized his experience in the United States Army and his experience selling insurance to prepare him for his next role as a civilian leader bringing and sharing positive life-living choice messages to all who will listen. MeShorn final experince he believes, before retiring from the Army due to the some events of September 11, 2001 was the most revealing about God’s Chain of Command for all life.

Me’Shorn believes that he was directed to Louisville by God, specifically to meet his wife and to learn to overcome his own beginnings. He has maintained his professional skills working as a surgical technician in Louisville’s area hospitals. He has gained the professional wisdom from being an  insurance agent. He has matured spiritual from the many community worship facilities (churches) and leadership he visited. He has developed an on-line universal believers network (UBN), and become a community activist and youth mentor in the Jefferson County Public Schools through All these experiences and professional accomplishment have been given to him so he will be able to share his story: Keep It Spiritually Simple (KISS) to remind, witness, and reveal (RWR) to the listeners and doers of today’s 21st century.

Me’Shorn has a total of twelve remind, witness and reveal real life messages. He shares with anyone who will listen, who is seeking to improve ones own thinking and create a change in ones’ own choices, through his own accounts of how he has overcome lifes challenges in order to become a Professional Believer.

Professional Believers – Plus G A R M Y is to remind witness and reveal to the 2.1 billion believers

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World Religions – Soldier’s and Believer’s

Professional Believers (Soldier) – Plus G A R MY  supporting scripture:

“Whatever you do, apply w o r k {wisdom, opportunity, respect and knowledge} at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” – Colossians 3:23-24

                     If you and I believe, we are one.

The Unity Emblem

pb unity emblemThe “G” on purple background- The “G” GOD  –  In the beginning, God created everything. A faith and belief in a God. The purple color represent the Spirit of God’s Kingdom.

The “Staff” -The Spirit of God. The spiritual wisdom of God. The bridge between God’s knowledge and understanding {spiritual}that isdiffrent from the world’s understanding and knowledge {physical}.

The “Cross in the box” – Christ is the Savior. The Cross represent Christ who saved the world. The green color represent earth and unity for all mankind. The box represent the east, west, south and north of the entire world.

Professional Believers – Plus, God Ain’t Released Me Yet (GARMY)

The Professional Believer (Soldier) – is God’s Army of selected men and women.

They areconfident, gifted and talented over-comer’s. A confident knowledge and understanding about their own beginnings and the working of the”nine fruits of the spirit”.

These men and women make life living choices they will stand by, they seek and is lead by the spirit. They have a mature knowledge and understandingabout theirspiritual authority.