The Four Great Commissions

1. To market, sell, promote our unity emblem and apparel and unique selected gift products through our on-line shopping cart. We are to brand our concepts in the hearts, minds, and spirits with advertising and promotions techniques with our “K I S S”** 21th century niche marketing” to the Believers and non-believing consumers.

**KISS-Keep It Spiritually Simple Marketing

2. GREAT COMMISSION Matthew 28:19-20 helps others know God’s love, peace, and protection thru salvation. Share with others the GOSPEL, the good news about God’s plan of peace in your life, protection, salvation and HEAVEN thru Christ the Lord.

3. Promote unity through self-improvement, personal growth, and service to others. Showing non-believers faith and character through faith life living choices, not just words.

4. Professional Believers-Plus remind, witness, and reveal concept invite you the perfect opportunity to remind, witness, and reveal your faith and belief and transform yours and other lives around you. We believe this is a powerful marketing opportunity forfellowshipping, faith-base information, witnessing, and a creative way of handling believer’s who have the 21st century capability of the Internet to unite the world.